We are a Preferred Delivery Agent for Many Electrical Utilities, Helping Achieve Goverment Mandated Energy Targets.   

  • Level 1 ASHRAE Energy Audits

  • Facility Assessments

  • Energy Procurement Strategies

  • Energy Conservation/Retrofit Projects

  • Ongoing Energy Use and Bill Analysis


Additionally The Power Factory's Marketing and Communications Team helps promote and positively affect residential and business customer awareness and uptake of energy conservation programs through services like turnkey corporate event services, outreach calling, brand ambassador staffing, web, email, social media, video, and direct mail.  We can help you build and execute a strategic marketing plan that profiles your target audience behaviours and preferences, tailors content that resonates and educates, knows when and how often to engage, and connects on multiple channels to drive customer action and achieve targets.

Our professional engineers and certified energy managers provide complete IESO Save On Energy (SOE) application support for prescriptive, custom, retrofit and PSUI projects. This includes all required pre-project documentation,  facility assessments, Level 1 ASHRAE energy audits, measurement and verification plans, QA/QC, metering reports and advanced evaluation and incentive reports; post project submissions, verification of post project results and submission of all documentation required for proof of savings and incentive payment.  Our contract staffing solutions include experienced CDM program agents that seemlessly guide customers through the full SOE application proccess from submission upload and project approval throught to post billing completion and IESO  approval.

  • Prescriptive, Custom, Retrofit and PSUI Applications

  • Audit, Verification, QA/QC

  • CDM Program Administration

  • Engagement Marketing to Drive Awareness and Uptake  





Our Energy Services team provides strategic energy consulting services, helping commercial, industrial, and institutional businesses get started on energy saving projects aligned to their business goals. We analyse energy use, conduct energy audits and facility assessments, review incentives available, evaluate opportunities that boost performance as well as complete and submit all required Save On Energy (SOE) pre and post project applications.

Our areas of focus include lighting, compressed air, heating and cooling, operational savings (building envelope, hot water, exhaust, motors, equipment, server rooms, building management systems, bathrooms, cafeterias, and vending machines), demand response, cogeneration of electricity and steam, and renewables including solar, wind and geothermal. 

  • Expanded capabilities with acquisition of two engineering firms, Britton Energy Services and G8 Energy Services

  • Energy management consulting, Save On Energy application support, Conservation Demand Mangement (CDM) contract staffing and marketing services